Joseph Emmerich

Joseph Emmerich , MD, PhD


Joseph Emmerich is Professor of Vascular Medicine at the University Hospital Hôtel-Dieu, Paris, France (University Paris Descartes). He is also working as technical advisor to the French medicine agency (ANSM) and is alternate member to the CHMP (Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use) of the EMA (European Medicine Agency). He was the director of the INSERM Unit 765 from 2016 to 2012. His main research interests are in the epidemiology of venous thrombosis, genetic and acquired risk factors for venous and arterial thrombosis and rare vascular diseases. He is currently the head of the Vascular Medicine and Cardiology unit in Hôtel Dieu, Diagnostic and Therapeutic centre.

Orcid number : 0000-0001-5155-4570

Research interests

  • Cardiology and Vascular Medicine

  • Thrombosis and venous thrombosis

  • Public health and development of new mediations

Best publications

  • Saadoun D, Lambert M, Mirault T, Schoindre Y, Koskas F, Cluzel P, Mignot C, Resche-Rigon M, Chiche L, Hatron PY, Emmerich J, Cacoub P. Surgery versus Endovascular Repair in Takayasu Arteritis: a Multicenter Study of 166 Procedures. Circulation, 2012;125:813-9.

  • Germain M, Saut N, Oudot-Mellakh T, Letenneur L, Dupuy AM, Bertrand M, Alessi MC, Lambert JC, Zelenika D, Emmerich J, Tiret L, Cambien F, Lathrop M, Amouyel P, Morange PE, Trégouët DA.Caution in Interpreting Results from Imputation Analysis When Linkage Disequilibrium Extends over a Large Distance: A Case Study on Venous Thrombosis. PLoS One. 2012;7(6):e38538. Epub 2012 Jun 4

  • Emmerich J, Dumarcet N, Lorence A. France’s new framework for regulating off-label drug use. N Engl J Med. 2012;367(14):1279-81.

  • Boucaud-Maitre D, Ropers J, Porokhov B, Altman Jj, Bouhanick B, Doucet J, Girardin E, Kaloustian E, Lassmann Vague V, Emmerich J . Lactic acidosis: relationship between metformin levels, lactate concentration and mortality. Diabetic Medicine 2016;33:1536-43.



  • Lauréat du prix Coups d’élan pour la Recherche française – Fondation Bettencourt Schueller (2014)

  • Van Creveld médaille. Société Hollandaise d’Hémostase et de Thrombose (2010)