Research projects

The research developed within the team is research that is aimed at furthering the knowledge on the methods used to evaluate the treatments and interventions in the framework of the treatment of chronic diseases.

Overall, the purpose of our work is to contribute so that the therapeutic evaluation of chronic diseases be carried out in a rigorous manner (non-biased), that it be applicable (external validity), that it may be disseminated in a transparent manner and it may be medically pertinent.

More specifically, the purpose of our research is the following:

  • reveal the limits of the methods currently used to evaluate the efficacy and safety of pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments and combinations of pharmacological treatments used in the framework of chronic diseases.
  • identify the internal and external validity determinants of the different methodologies used to evaluate these treatments.
  • develop and validate new methodological approaches that allow taking into account the complexity of the system.
  • study the breaks to the good transfer of data from research to practical care (especially by improving the transparency of publications) .
  • propose methods to help define the research priorities in the field of therapeutic evaluation.

Our researchers will develop, within the team, various methodological approaches to attain these objectives, for example: systematic methodological reviews, meta-epidemiological studies, construction of fictitious studies, simulation studies and experimental studies.