The Research Team

The team “Methods of therapeutic evaluation of chronic diseases” was one of the two teams in the UMR S-738 directed by France Mentré during its renewal in 2009. The team proposed for the next five year period corresponds largely to the contours and themes of the previous team reinforced by new researchers (HU or INSERM).

This “Methods of therapeutic evaluation of chronic diseases” team will integrate the “Epidemiology Biostatistics Sorbonne Paris Cité” Research Centre which will associate the five research teams listed below.

–       Perinatal, Obstetrical and Paediatric Epidemiology   (PY ANCEL)

–       Biostatistics and Clinical Epidemiology (S CHEVRET)

–       Nutritional epidemiology (S HERCBERG)

–       Clinical Epidemiology applied to Osteo-articular Diseases (S POIRAUDEAU)

–       Therapeutic Evaluation method of Chronic Diseases (P RAVAUD)