Stéphanie Sidorkiewicz



Stéphanie Sidorkiewicz, MD, PhD

I am an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the Université Paris Cité and a member of the METHODS team of CRESS-UMR1153. After obtaining my medical degree in Family Medicine in 2014, I completed a Ph.D. in Clinical Epidemiology (supervisor: Prof. Ravaud) and did a postdoctoral fellowship in CS-CORE (Cedars-Sinai Center for Outcomes Research and Education) in Los Angeles (US).

My research focuses on multi-morbidity, patients with chronic conditions, medication adherence, patient-reported outcomes, and shared decision-making. I have participated in several controlled trials in primary care, and I am the primary investigator of the PRE-VISIT trial (Evaluation of the effectiveness of an online intervention aimed at preparing patients for consultations with their general practitioner, taking long-term treatment).

Research interests

  • Medication adherence of patients with chronic conditions/multimorbidity

  • Shared Decision Making

  • Patient-physician communication

Key publications

  • Sidorkiewicz S, Tran V-T, Cousyn C, Perrodeau E, Ravaud P. Discordance Between Drug Adherence as Reported by Patients and Drug Importance as Assessed by Physicians. The Annals of Family Medicine. 1 sept 2016;14(5):415 21.

  • Sidorkiewicz S, Malmartel A, Prevost L, Partouche H, Pinot J, Grangé-Cabane A, et al. Patient-Physician Agreement in Reporting and Prioritizing Existing Chronic Conditions. The Annals of Family Medicine. 2019. [papernews]