Medhi Benchoufi

Mehdi Benchoufi, MD

I am an assistant professor in Epidemiology in Clinical Epidemiology Center, at Hôtel Dieu Hospital, University Paris Descartes. I am invested on interfaces between medicine and technologies, mainly Blockchain. I am also coordinator and co-founder of number of Open Science programs, such as echOpen, or epidemium.

Orcid number : 0000-0003-1948-719X

Research interests

  • Blockchain technologies applied to clinical research

  • Open science programs: open data challenges, crowdsourcing, ehealth open source approaches

Best publications

  • Benchoufi, M. and Ravaud, P. (2017). Blockchain technology for improving clinical research quality. Trials, 18

  • Benchoufi, M., Porcher, R. and Ravaud, P. (2017). Blockchain protocols in clinical trials: Transparency and traceability of consent. F1000Research, 6, p.66.