Lina Ghosn



Lina Ghosn, BPharm, MSc in public health

As an experienced epidemiologist at Cochrane France, I bring a unique combination of skills and knowledge to the field of public health. With a background in pharmacy and a Master of Science in Comparative Effectiveness Research from the University of Paris, I have been dedicated to advancing the science of clinical research for the past eight years. My expertise includes methods in clinical research, improving the reporting of clinical trials, promoting transparency in research, and conducting systematic reviews, network meta-analyses, and synthesizing evidence. I am a published author of several systematic reviews and have extensive experience in the application of CONSORT guidelines and extensions. Currently, I coordinate the COVID-NMA initiative, a living mapping and living systematic review of Covid-19 trials and Cochrane France.

In addition to my role at Cochrane France, I am also a lecturer at the University of Paris Cité, where I share my knowledge and inspire the next generation of public health leaders. Prior to joining Cochrane France, I worked as a medical coordinator at an international NGO where I gained valuable experience in the management and administration of healthcare programs and services, including proposal writing and program management.

Research interests

  • Living evidence synthesis

  • Methods for participative science

Key publications

  • Interleukin‐6 blocking agents for treating COVID‐19: a living systematic review. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2021. [paper]

  • CONSORT extensions covered most types of RCTs, but the potential workload for authors was high. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. 2019. [paper]

  • Efficacy and safety of COVID‐19 vaccines. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2022. [paper]