Leslie Toko-Kamga



Leslie Toko-Kamga, PharmD, MSc

As a Scientific Project Manager at the Centre of Research in Epidemiology and Statistics at Université de Paris, I am part of the METHODS team, where I provide vital logistical and methodological support to researchers utilizing the e-cohort ComPaRe to answer important research questions. My responsibilities include assisting with protocol development, project setup and monitoring, and more. Additionally, I am responsible for ensuring the regulatory compliance of the platform, particularly with regards to its connection with the SNDS and hospital data warehouses. This involves drafting necessary regulatory documents, such as those required by the CNIL.

With a background in pharmaceutical sciences, I have obtained advanced degrees in public health and pharmacoepidemiology, including a PhD in pharmacy with a specialization from the pharmaceutical industry sector. My training and expertise allow me to effectively contribute to the METHODS team and support the important work being done at the Centre of Research in Epidemiology and Statistics.