François Petit

François Petit, PhD

I am a Research Scientist of the University Paris Cité at the Research Center in Epidemiology and Statistics (CRESS) where I develop mathematical methods to solve problem related to personalization in healthcare.

Orcid number : 0000-0003-2258-170X

Research interests

  • Precision medicine

  • Causal inference

  • Topological data analysis

  • Microlocal sheaf theory

Best publications

  • N. Berkouk and F. Petit, Ephemeral persistence modules and distance comparison, Algebr. Geom. Topol. 21(1): 247-277 (2021).

  • F. Petit, P. Schapira and L. Waas, A property of the interleaving distance for sheaves, 2021
    ArXiv version.

  • F. Petit and P. Schapira, Thickening of the diagonal, interleaving distance and Fourier-Sato transform, 2020
    ArXiv version

  • Q. Du, G. Biau, F. Petit and R. Porcher, Wasserstein Random Forests and Applications in Heterogeneous Treatment Effects, AISTATS 2021: 1729-1737, 2021
    ArXiv version.