François-Camille Grolleau

François Grolleau, MD, MPH

Initially trained in clinical medicine, I hold full board certification (France) in Anesthesia and Critical Care. After completing, in 2017, a Master of Public Health from Université Paris Descartes and a research fellowship at McMaster University, I shifted my attention to methodological research.

I am currently Assistant Professor in Biostatistics (Université Paris Cité) and a researcher in the METHODS team (CRESS-UMR-1153). My scientific work focuses on developing and implementing statistical methods for the personalization of medical interventions. I am particularly interested in Critical Care, Nephrology, and Cardiology applications.

Orcid number : 0000-0001-7873-7772

A short version of my CV is available here.

Research interests

  • Statistical reinforcement learning

  • Causal inference

  • Personalized medicine

Key publications

  • F. Grolleau, F. Petit and R. Porcher. A comprehensive framework for the evaluation of individual treatment rules from observational data. arXiv:2207.06275. [PaperVideoCode]

  • F. Grolleau, R. Porcher, S. Barbar et al. Personalization of renal replacement therapy initiation: a secondary analysis of the AKIKI and IDEAL-ICU trials. Critical Care. 2022. [Paper]

  • F. Grolleau, GS. Collins, A. Smarandache et al. The fragility and reliability of conclusions of anesthesia and critical care randomized trials with statistically significant findings: A systematic review. Critical Care Medicine. 2019.