Carolina Graña



Carolina Graña, MPH, MSc

I am a veterinary doctor with a MSc in public health mention epidemiology and an MSc in comparative effectiveness research. I was born in Uruguay and raised in Venezuela. Prior to moving to France, I was involved in the design of trials for the veterinary pharmaceutical industry and participated in the development and delivery of vaccination campaigns as well as educational programs in public health measures awareness. Recently, I have acquired experience in data extraction, risk of bias assessment and preparation of systematic reviews, authoring my first article and co-authoring two Cochrane reviews in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the Covid-NMA initiative.

Research interests

  • Conduction of living systematic reviews in infectious diseases

  • Design of randomized clinical trials in the context of a pandemic

  • Communication of results in infectious diseases

Key publications

  • Efficacy and safety of COVID‐19 vaccines. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2022. [paper]