Astrid Chevance


Astrid Chevance, MD, PhD

I am an Assistant Professor of Public Health at CRESS. I perform research on methods to evaluate therapeutic interventions in psychiatry and teach medical students and master’s degree students in clinical research (evaluation of therapeutic interventions).

I am currently leading three projects: 1) the development of a Core Outcome Set for adult depression, 2) the development of the e-cohort ComPaRe Depression, and 3) the development of a tool to measure subjectivity for issues such as mental pain.

In my research, I conduct multidisciplinary research by adapting methods from humanities and social science to improve research on therapeutic interventions. I believe that Patient and Public involvement is critical for clinical research, therefore I use participatory research methods in my studies.

Also, I strive to work for better awareness of mental disorders and mental health in our society through diverse initiatives such as this short movie about depression or this collaborative book in French.

Research interests

  • Outcomes to evaluate therapeutics

  • Measures of subjectivity

  • Mental health and psychiatry

Key publications

  • Chevance A, Ravaud P, Cornelius V, Mayo-Wilson E, Furukawa TA. Designing clinically useful psychopharmacological trials: challenges and ways forward. Lancet Psychiatry. 2022 [Paper]

  • Chevance A, Ravaud P, Tomlinson A, Le Berre C, Teufer B, Touboul S, Fried EI, Gartlehner G, Cipriani A, Tran VT. Identifying outcomes for depression that matter to patients, informal caregivers, and health-care professionals: qualitative content analysis of a large international online survey. Lancet Psychiatry. 2020 [Paper]

  • Chevance A, Tran VT, Ravaud P. Controversy and Debate Series on Core Outcome Sets. Paper 1: Improving the generalizability and credibility of core outcome sets (COS) by a large and international participation of diverse stakeholders. J Clin Epidemiol. 2020 [Paper]