François-Camille Grolleau


Amel Ghozia, PhD

I first obtained a PhD at Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University which led me to focus on issues related to medical and sanitary expertise in health decision-making processes (amicable, judicial, or public). I then gained experience as a lawyer and carried out a postdoctoral research project on the regime of complaint examination in French and Quebec comparative law at the Institut Droit et Santé (Supervisor: Pr. Anne LAUDE) in partnership with the Health Chair of the University of Montreal (Supervisor: Pr. Catherine RÉGIS) where I was an associated researcher.

Currently, I am a Chief Scientific Project Manager at the Paris Public Health Institute (University Paris Cité), an associated researcher at the Institut Droit et Santé, and a private law teacher.

For more information on my professional background and my publications, please visit my LinkedIn profile and my Google Scholar.

Research interests

  • Medical and sanitary expertise

  • Improve the quality of the healthcare system

  • Critical reflection on public health protection and personal injury compensation systems

Key publications

  • A. Ghozia, « Le droit de l’expertise médicale et sanitaire », Coll. Thèse, éd. LEH, 2017. [Book]
  • A. Ghozia, « « L’expert de justice » : un acteur du procès en quête perpétuelle d’un statut juridique univoque », Revue Experts, n°144, 03/06/2019. [Paper]

  • A Ghozia, « Normes techniques en expertise médicale : valeur et rôle juridique», Les Petites Affiches (LPA), n°1, 01/06/2021. [Paper]