Publication Strategy
In order to reach a wider audience, we have chosen to publish in the best medicine general journals or the best specialty journals (classified in the top 10% of each specialty of the classification ISI Web of Science). In case of submission failure to these journals, we submit to open access journals (BMC Medicine, PLoS One, Trials, BMC Med Res Methodol, etc.) to facilitate and broad and fast dissemination of our results.

Involvement with editors
In general, we are the only French team to present at the International Congress on Peer Review and Biomedical Publication which takes place every four years (congress in which the major evolutions concerning the publication of research results are discussed). Our work has been presented in plenary sessions and we are involved in the Advisory Board of the next congress which will take place 2013 (

Making the data of our research available for researchers
We systematically make available free on a website our surveys, our raw data, our computer programmes, and the tools we have developed (in order to be able to respond favourably to the demand of certain high level journals).
Finally, we are currently working with Pr Altman (Oxford of University) on the development of an archive standardisation of our research programmes (computer programmes, raw databases) and making available the raw data obtained from our work.
In the framework of our European project ‘Overcome failure to Publish nEgative fiNdings’ (OPEN, FP7- HEALTH.2011.4.1-2 “Targeting publication bias”), we generate fictitious trial networks to study meta-analyses in a network, simulating for a limited number of typical geometries, the number of randomised trials forming the network, the number of patients in each of the trials as well as the treatment effect. We plan to make available these simulated trial networks which could be used by researchers to evaluate the impact of publication bias via simulations, for example.

Providing the materials used in our intervention trials for the use of doctors and researchers
The materials used in our intervention trials is systematically and entirely made available on a dedicated website (brochures, videos, data compilation notebook, etc.). We pay close attention to making available the description and standardisation tools of the interventions evaluated (e.g.: development and supply of videos for complex interventions). Several methodological studies have shown that is not possible to reproduce the interventions evaluated in published trials , , which led to the elaboration of international recommendations in which we participated (Weston Manor group) .

Main publications

Between 2008 and 2012, the research team has published 27 articles in the first 7 medical journals. You can find them here.

You can also download the complete list of our publications between 2007 and 2012 (3473)