International Links

Our team has forged strong international links and internationally recognized expertise.

  • Privileged, old and on-going partnerships with several prestigious foreign teams.
  • A privileged partnership with the prestigious Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford resulting in multiple researcher exchanges, common research projects, quarterly work and “brainstorming” meetings that alternate between Oxford and Paris, and the sharing of a research which works part-time for each of the two research laboratories.
  • A privileged partnership with the Department of Epidemiology of Columbia University favoured by the integration of the team of Moise Desvarieux which perfectly serves as a connection with Columbia and by the senior lecturer position of Philipe Ravaud. This link is naturally reinforced by the strong strategic involvement of Columbia in the epidemiology of chronic diseases (Chronic Diseases Epidemiology Cluster and Chronic Disease Initiative).
  • A long collaboration with the department of Clinical Epidemiology of the University of Ottawa (David Moher) which has resulted in numerous common research projects and the writing of a joint book.- A network of regular international partnerships with numerous teams of renowned epidemiologists and biostatisticians from the Universities of Copenhagen, York, San Francisco, and the Mayo Clinic.
  • Links that have been reinforced by our co-optation in the EQUATOR (Enhancing the QUAlity and Transparency Of Research) and CONSORT (CONsolidated Standards of Reporting Trials) groups. These groups and network include a restricted number of researchers with highly varied origins and expertises: editors (JAMA, Lancet, PLoS Med, Ann Intern Med, BMJ, J Clin Epidemiol), epidemiologists, statisticians and clinicians from all specialities. This involvement results in our regular participation in closed international meetings in order to discuss the future of scientific communication (improvement of research transparency, reporting guidelines, trial registries, publication of raw data).
  • These links are made easier by our participation in the Cochrane Collaboration (and especially by our involvement in several Cochrane Methods  groups) and on the other hand by our membership in prestigious international expert groups such as the Balliol Collaboration, the Weston Manor group, etc.
  • A significant participation as academic editor (PLoS Med, PLoS ONE, Trials, Cochrane Collaboration) or reviewer in several journals (JAMA, BMJ, Ann Intern Med, Arch Intern Med, J Clin Epidemiol, etc.).