PhD Students – Teachings

Hosting Policy

Our team has a very open hosting policy to welcome students wishing to be trained to our research themes. Hosting students is a priority for our team because we aim to be involved in the training of future researchers, but also because the supervision of students enriches our research activity by the interactions it generates. Our supervision ability allows us to welcome a large number of trainees. We welcome French and foreign students with different profiles (doctors, pharmacists, residents in medicine or in pharmacy, statisticians, epidemiologists) thereby creating or strengthening collaborations with other French and foreign teams.

Support policy

Our goal is to contribute to the training of future researchers. To do this, we implemented a policy of support for students, PhD students and young researchers.

Our support policy includes:

Training within the team

  • PhD students must present the progress of their work to members of the unit once a year.
  • Students supervised in our team must follow the seminars in English organized as part of the practicum of the American MPH students from Columbia University
  • To enhance exposure to English, our monthly literature review sessions are in English with the involvement of an English professor from Paris Descartes University (Martine Chauffete).
  • The students must participate in the practical seminars organized by the unit including preparation and presentation of clinical research protocols on various issues
  • The students are invited to participate regularly to projects by some researchers of the team.
  • Participation in internal and external scientific meetings and to the organization of specific working groups

– Incentive to attend external training

  • All researchers are encouraged to participate in various training: training sessions organized by INSERM (eg English training, INSERM workshops), international courses (eg EQUATOR workshop, training sessions of the UK Royal Statistical Society etc.).

– Preparation for high-level careers

  • We prepare our young researchers to research positions by providing them with help for making a high-quality application form, support for the definition of their thematic scientific orientations, support to organize their post doctorate (choice of the team, financial support).
  • The young researchers must co-supervise Master and PhD students to prepare them for the Accreditation to supervise research (HDR)

It is important to note that all our PhD students obtained a position in a hospital and/or a university or a position in an agency or organization (eg INCA) after their PhD.